European elections 2019: This time I´m voting!


Do you care about the future of the EU ? Then be there between 23 to 26 May 2019 and cast your vote in the European Parliament elections.The European Parliament is the only EU body directly elected by EU citizens. So that as many people as possible participate in the election, the EU Parliament has launched the campaign "".

This non-partisan platform seeks to raise the awareness of all EU citizens for their right to vote and to vote on the future of Europe:
"It is not enough to hope for a better future, this time, each and every one of us has to take responsibility for it."

It's not just about choosing to vote. Rather, it is asked for help to mobilize family, friends, neighborhood and acquaintances to vote. This leaflet lists 16 good reasons why we should commit ourselves to voting and to helping to persuade our family and friends to do the same. At the last election to the European Parliament in 2014, turnout was only 48.1% (across Europe: 42.6%). At that time, 29.8 million voters had participated in Germany (168.8 million in Europe).

The new mobile app from the European Parliament informs all users comprehensively about concrete EU actions. It explains what the European Parliament is doing and many illustrative examples of EU initiatives can be filtered by topic or location and their progress tracked.

How is a European election going?
Every five years, the 500 million EU citizens are invited to vote in the European Parliament. The Germans vote 96 out of a total of 705 MPs in the EU Parliament. In the polling booth, citizens decide not only on the members of parliament, but also on the next president of the European Commission. The lead candidate process has existed since the last European elections in 2014 and aims to make the election of the President of the Commission more democratic and transparent.

European elections
Numerous activities such as networking, citizens' and youth forums and various events flank the main campaign "This time I´m voting". Hierzu zählen auch diese beiden interaktiven Websites und ein Kurzfilmwettbewerb: These include these two interactive websites and a short film contest:

  • #EUANDME - Here you see how the EU gives everyone the chance to do what they or they do enthusiastically. The focus is on the areas of mobility, sustainability, skills and work, digital and rights.
  • "What Europe does for me" demonstrates the EU’s positive impact on your region, your job or your leisure time activity.
  • Vote on the best European films in the short film competition on the impact of the EU on daily life. 10 films will be voted on in five categories: Mobility, Sustainability, Rights, Digitization and Competences and Business.