Strong in the work place – Migrant mothers get on board

The ESF programme "Strong in the work place – Migrant mothers get on board" aimed to enable mothers with a migrant background who are capable of working to sustainably secure their livelihoods. To deliver on this goal, the women received individual support on their path towards employment, and access to existing labour market integration services was improved.

Despite being well qualified and highly motivated, mothers from a migrant background in Germany are far less likely to be in gainful employment, or tend to work fewer hours, than women who do not have a migrant background. Since February 2015, around 80 project locations throughout Germany had been funded through the ESF's "Strong in the workplace" programme. The projects pursued both target-group-specific and structure-related approaches. In addition to targeted awareness-raising measures aimed at activating these women, the aim was also to raise business awareness of the potential of mothers with a migration background.

The aim of the ESF programme was,

  • to achieve better networking of actors from business, the labour market, migrant organisations and educational institutions in order to ensure the sustainable success of the measures.
  • to make mothers with an immigrant background more fit for the labour market as skilled workers and thus support the employment policy initiatives of the Federal Government.

Profile of the programme

Target group
  • Employees
  • Migrants, people with a foreign background

Women/mothers from a migrant background, individuals not in gainful employment, unemployed persons, skilled workers

Number of projects


Implementation period

2015.02.09 - 2022.06.30

  • Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
Funding priority

A: Promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility

Additional Information

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