The Coordinated Call - a joint framework for transnational mobility in the ESF

The common objective of national and regional ESF programmes for transnational mobility is to integrate disadvantaged young people and young adults into employment, vocational training and education by improving their skills, knowledge and experience through work-related learning experiences abroad.

Realising transnational mobility successfully requires common procedures and joint criteria of Member States and regions; at the same time, to address individual regional and national circumstances adequately, sufficient flexibility on national and regional levels must be allowed.

On this premise, the 15 partners of TLN Mobility have developed a Coordinated Call on Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults. The Coordinated Call defines mandatory common minimum requirements for the design and implementation of transnational mobility programmes in Europe. It serves as a joint coordinated framework for Member States and regions to collaborate transnationally on youth mobility using the ESF.

The Coordinated Call includes joint criteria on the

  • target group(s),

  • quality of measures,

  • eligibility of costs, and

  • regional or national implementation structures.

It also entails agreements on participant preparation, including e.g. a proper form of language training; requirements towards management structures and the level of skills among project operator staff; as well as specific suggestions on how to use simplified cost options.

A complementary Manual of Guidance provides further explanations and background information as well as examples of successful approaches and specific methods used as part of mobility initiatives in the EU 2007-2013 funding period. The Manual is to be read alongside the Coordinated Call as it offers further recommendations and guidance on its implementation on national and regional levels. 

The Coordinated Call and the Manual of Guidance are available for download in the "Download" section.

The Coordinated Call has to be implemented through aligned national and regional ESF calls. There is no own budget attached to the Coordinated Call. Please read more about individual plans and timelines of partnering TLN Mobility Member States and regions regarding the launch of regional or national mobility programmes in the sub-section "National and regional calls".

Please note that all enquiries on calls for projects and/or project applications are to be directed towards the ESF Managing Authority or ESF Implementing Body in the respective EU Member State or region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - full document

FAQ to the Coordinated Call (English): FAQ on Co­or­di­nat­ed Call [PDF, 345KB]