Encouraging Youth by building bridges to independence (JUST BEst)

Left to their own devices, young people who have not learned to live independently, to manage a household or their finances, are confronted with eviction notices and precarious housing conditions leading to debt and homelessness.

Within the framework of the funding programme, young people, especially those leaving residential youth care (so-called "care leavers") and young people who have become disconnected, will receive individualized support across institutional boundaries and legal categories. They will receive assistance in leading a stable life and securing their living conditions ("case management"). An important component of this support is the development of individualized support services and the use of local networks enabling young people to lead independent lives in a resource-oriented, efficient fashion. Flexibility options for transition support and the establishment/expansion of networks between the systems involved and relevant actors, including the labour market context, will be developed and tested to achieve this.

The following building blocks are available:

  1. Youth social work outreach
  2. Low-threshold counselling / clearing
  3. Case Management
  4. Testing new forms of housing

Profile of the programme

Target group
  • Young people, young adults
  • Homeless people

Young people at risk of homelessness

Implementation period

2022.05.14 - 2027.12.31

  • Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
Funding priority

2: Promoting social inclusion and fighting poverty

Additional Information

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Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

Referat 506

53123 Bonn