Win-Win - Custom-fit integration, especially of migrants, in small and medium-sized (migrant/social) enterprises

The aim of the "Win-Win" programme is to motivate and support first and foremost young men under 30 years with a migration background to take up training and employment subject to social security contributions at small and medium-sized (migrant/social) enterprises. The target groups are first and foremost young men with a migration background who have particular difficulties in accessing education, training and employment, including newly immigrated Union citizens and third-country nationals as well as those not in gainful employment who have no entitlement to or are not aware of SGB II benefits

Measures tailored to the specific needs of the target groups are to be freely developed by project executing organisations within the scope of the specified aim to ensure that the funding directive leaves room for innovative concepts by local actors. By involving small and medium-sized (migrant/social) enterprises and the regional employment services, statutory support schemes can be constructively combined with the following project modules of the "Win-Win" programme:

  • Outreach work - if possible in the person´s native language - and accompanying support in structuring the daily routine as well as motivation to start training and employment at small and medium-sized (migrant/social) enterprises that are subject to social insurance contributions one step at a time.
  • Intensive coaching/mentoring through individually structured learning, skills development and training modules, including job-related language courses as part of (paid) "on-the-job training".
  • Creating incentives for participants to earn money or to start low-threshold (continued) employment or tailored placement at small and medium-sized (migrant/social) enterprises in the respective sector
  • Supporting the establishment and expansion of enterprise networks in various sectors.
  • Cooperating with local FEAD Plus projects and other ESF Plus projects to recruit and place employable participants at small and medium-sized (migrant/social) enterprises.

Profile of the programme

Target group
  • Migrants, people with a foreign background
  • Unemployed
  • Young people, young adults
  • Municipalities
  • Enterprises
  • Self-employed

Participants of foreign origin, members of minorities (including marginalized communities such as the Roma)

Implementation period

2023.10.01 - 2027.09.30

  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Funding priority

4: Social innovative actions

Additional Information


Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Referat EF 2
53107 Bonn

Thomas Becker

Elisabeth van der Linde