Transnational mobility under the ESF in Catalonia

Objective and general description

The specific objective of this call is to facilitate the employability of the participants through a traineeship and life experience in a European country.

To apply for this call is essential for hypothetical project operators to have a European partner willing to manage the traineeship of the participants in his country.

To optimize results, our programme provides the participants a learning period before their departure.
In this phase (Phase 1), given that they have at least basic knowledge of their profession, the aim is to improve the transversal skills and the attitude of the participants, going on through a customized itinerary of training, language, culture and social customs of the host country, and through mentoring and guidance on labour market expectations tailored to the needs of each person.

During the second phase of this programme participants will stay in a European country with the aim of having an internship period in local companies.
The organization of the stay is the responsibility of the institution of the country which is a partner of the operator. This organization is also responsible for training and educational activities that participants do during their stay.

To contribute to achieve the objective of the programme: to improve the employability of participants, the operator of the project will accompany and guide them during two months in their job search process, at the end of the stay.

Specifics about the participants:

  • Youngsters from 18 to 30 years old,
  • With sufficient theoretical knowledge of their profession to be able to take advantage of an experience as a trainee.
  • Predisposed to mobility to improve their job prospects.
  • Willing to learn languages.

Specifics about the project operators:

Non-profit organizations with experience in mobility project management.
Requiring expertise in mobility projects, we hope to improve the difficulty of locating European partners given the limited time available to do it, and at the same time ensure the quality of the project.

Specifics about the project:

In TLN Mobilicat it’s essential that the operator already has a European partner to accept the project.
As the European partner is who will look for companies where participants will have their training, it is also who should know the professional profiles that can work for every company.

This information is important for the proper selection of participants, and this is why we demand that every project must have the partner involved from the beginning.

The specification of the characteristics of the accommodation and maintenance in the host country, as well as the activities that the participants will carry out during their stay, can be specified once the first phase of the project is underway.

Specifics about the mentoring

During the development of TLN Mobilicat Programme participants will have permanent support and guidance of a tutor, who will be the backbone and guarantor of consistency between the actions provided and the career and training of each of them.

The maximum number of participants which a tutor can be in charge of is 12.

The action program includes tutoring prescribed by two figures:

  1. The Project Tutor performs on-going mentoring throughout the project, although the role is different in each phase.
    While in the first phase this figure is the central one, because he is the one that guides the participants to customize their itinerary through the programme, in the second phase (internship in a European country), although he will always be a reference for the participants, his main obligation is to accompany them to the host country and to introduce them to their host tutor.
  2. The Host Tutor performs mentoring during the participants' stay in the European country. Although it is highly recommended the host tutor to be a person residing in the host country, would also be acceptable that the project tutor assume this role, if it is a person with a large life experience in the host country.

Specifics about the customized itinerary

The aim is to optimize the impact of the programme TLN Mobilicat in the participants, helping them to identify specific career goals consistent with their profile and their interests.

The actions to be undertaken by the tutor are:

  • An initial interview that allows the evaluation of interests, expectations and potential of each participant.
  • Some group information sessions on TLN MOBILICAT and the actions envisaged in the specific project in which the participants are included.
  • Individual orientation sessions on the offers that training and labour market presents for achieving and improving their professional potential.

Specifics about language training:

In the first phase of the programme is given a minimum of 60 hours of language course in the language of the country where the participant will acquire practical work experience.

Knowing that language proficiency is very important to the success of a traineeship abroad, in the selection of projects, the most important criteria will be the offer of additional hours of language course.