Transnational mobility under the ESF in Catalonia

Objective and general description

Period 2014-2020 and 2021-2022:

TLN Mobilicat goals: give a quality-training offer, within four months of leaving school or becoming unemployed for these young people who are not in education or employment; and give the opportunity to this youth people for a stable employment integration by improving people’s professional profiles and key personal skills.

The calls support public-owned or private non-profit organisations whose projects enable young people to map out a personalised and efficient route between learning and employment. They offer guidance, linguistic and intercultural training services to the participants as preliminary and a workexperience in a European Union country. Once they passed the preparation and training phase, the participants have a period of non-remunerated professional experience in European Union countries.

Methodological training tools and work experience, in a process in which the participants are constantly accompanied to guarantee the maximum efficacy of the program, allow the young participants to develop attitudes and skills that promote their integration in the labour market or, if necessary, help them return to formal education in order to complete previous unfinished training or continue their training with specialised actions.

Target group:

Young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and live in the eligible regions (those where youth unemployment in 2012 was higher than 25%). Those who, despite having basic skills, require additional training and occupational accompaniment and experience in their speciality so as to access or return to the labour market.

Adults and under-30s registered on the national Youth Guarantee system who are also registered as unemployed job-seekers with the Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya with unfinished medium- or higher-level specialisation studies but without work experience in their speciality. Employment experience of less than 12 months will not be taken into consideration.

ESF Thematic Priority:

The Youth Employment Operational Programme is deployed within the framework of the European Social Fund (ESF) with a view to providing instruments to the Youth Employment Initiative and starting up the Youth Guarantee systems to fight unemployment among young people.

The Youth Guarantee is a broad-ranging model of action whose underpinning principle is to provide assessment on equal opportunities for young people in the labour market. The European Commission has called upon the countries to act and to commit to giving their support to this group through the Youth Guarantee and to assign extraordinary financing in addition to the financing of the Operational Plan of the European Social Fund.

Timeline for calls of proposals

Date of launch of regional or national call: 2nd semester of 2021.

Duration of project application period: 12 months

Duration of assesment procedure: 2 months

Date for start of projects: September 2021

Contact for information on national/regional call:

Ms. Esther Estany
Head of the International Programs Area
Public Service of Employment of Catalonia
Phone: +34 695536343