Transnational mobility under the ESF in Poland

1. Brief description of planned programme

Within the mobility schemes as defined in the respective Polish national ESF Operational Programme (OP KED), it is planned to support projects on the basis of Erasmus +, actions for young people at risk of social exclusion, and mobility schemes for people engaged in creation and implementation of public policies.

The first call is planned to serve as a pilot. It will be launched at national level by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. The first call will have a budget allocated of approx. 12 mio EUR. Next calls shall then be announced in 2017 and 2019.

It is also planned to give special award criteria to project operators who declare their willingness to act as a host organisation in the context of the projects.

2. Intended target group

Young people (aged 15-24) are the most disadvantaged group on the labour market among all age groups; this group is characterised by the highest unemployment level in Poland. The percentage of young people who are NEET has increased in recent years.

It is noteworthy that the indicator for Poland exceeds the EU average as regards the group aged 25-29.

The figures confirm low interest of young people in continuing informal education after graduating from school and also demonstrate that finding a job for the graduates appears to be difficult.

In the first call it is currently considered to limit the target group to the most difficult groups out of NEETs, however this decision is not yet made.

3. ESF Thematic Priority

For the new ESF programming period 2014-2020, Poland has established a separate Priority Axis for social innovation and transnational cooperation (TNC) in the national ESF OP (OP Knowledge Education Development – OP KED), which prescribes central coordination of all projects in this field. However, Coordinated Calls on the transnational level should significantly facilitate the process of national coordination of actions regarding mobility and transnational cooperation.

4. Intended timeline for call of proposals

Expected date of launch of 1st national call: May 2015

Expected date for start of projects under the 1st national call: October 2015