Servei Públic d’Ocupació de Catalunya, Autonomous Community of Catalonia

The Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) is an autonomous body of a public nature and of an administrative nature attached to the department of the Generalitat that is assigned the powers in matters of employment. The SOC manages a variety of employment programs, promotes research and job quality, helps people to improve their position in the labour market, encourages lifelong learning, contributes to improve company competitiveness.

In the framework of TLN Mobility program the SOC manages the TLN Mobilicat program for Youth Guarantee since 2015.

In accordance with the National Strategic Reference Framework of Spain and the Strategic Agreement for Internationalisation, Quality Employment and Competitiveness of the Catalan Economy, the ESF Operational Program has the following five priorities within its objective of regional competitiveness and employment:

  1. Promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and improvement of adaptability of employees, companies and employers,

  2. Improvement of employability, social inclusion and equality of women and men,

  3. Increase and improvement of human capital,

  4. Promotion of transnational and interregional cooperation,

  5. Technical assistance.

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