Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego, Department for ESF Management, Poland

"Our Ministry has decided to join TLN Mobility because we are interested in implementing mobility actions addressed to young people at risk of exclusion in the next programming perspective and we would like to learn more from others' experiences."

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in Poland (Department for ESF Management) is a Managing Authority for Human Capital Operational Programme (HC OP), within which all ESF support for the years 2007-2013 is implemented. The programme covers all areas of the ESF intervention, i.e. labour market policy, active integration of vulnerable groups, adaptability of enterprises and employees, education at all levels and good governance and is implemented both at national and regional level. Its budget is more than 11 billion EUR. More information on the scope of HC OP and institutional arrangements you will find in the following brochure: The ESF in Poland 2007-2013 [PDF, 2MB] .

Transnational cooperation is a horizontal issue within the HC OP, which means that transnational projects are implemented in all areas of ESF intervention. The allocation for these kind of actions and social innovation is from 1 to 5% of each Priority axis. More detailed information on how transnational cooperation is implemented in Poland in the current programming period could be find in the following guide: Transna­tion­al Co­op­er­a­tion Projects - Guide for Poland [PDF, 769KB] .

In the next financial perspective there will be 1 national ESF operational programme and 16 regional multi-fund (ESF and ERDF) OPs. The national programme will focus on support for reforms implementation and actions addressed to tertiary education and promoting employment among young people. Within this programme a dedicated priority axis for both social innovation and transnational cooperation will be designed. Regional operational programmes will put emphasis on direct support to people on the labour market and in education system.

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