Servizio Europa - Ufficio Fondo Sociale Europeo, Autonomous Province of Trento

"The ESF Office of Trento Province has decided to join TLN Mobility because, as far as transnational mobility measures are concerned, we want to put common learning into practice during the implementation of the new OP."

The Province of Trento, unlike all other provinces in Italy except for Bolzano, has a special form of autonomy. As foreseen by constitutional law and by the regional statute, the Province of Trento, along with regular administrative competences, also has the power to legislate in fields that normally pertain to national or regional competence.

Trentino’s special Statute of Autonomy, in force since 1948, grants the autonomous province direct legislative, administrative and financial jurisdiction in fundamental areas, including some institutional competences: Culture, Education, university, research, Society, Economy and labour market, Environment, territory, transport and public works, Healthcare, European relations and International solidarity.

The ESF Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento is the provincial ESF Managing Authority and it deals with:

  • Relationships with other ESF and ESF-related national and European institutions

  • Management, monitoring, evaluation of ESF interventions

  • Coordination of activities carried out by the Intermediate Bodies of the Managing Authorities

  • Implementation of procedures related to the accreditation of training institutions.

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